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Plumeria Scent Coconut Oil

Plumeria Scent Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is truly a must-have for hair and skin care. The oil stays in your hair and penetrates into the scalp and the shafts, making it stronger and luscious. 
You will love this coconut oil if you like the smell of Plumeria. It can be applied in the shower before rinsing, right after shower, or throughout the day as needed. The moisture and shine coconut oil provides stay on the skin and hair longer than regular moisturizers, without the greasy look. The oil tames frizz and flyaway while conditioning the hair. If using hairspray, apply the oil first before spraying the hair. A little goes a long way. Use a little to start with to avoid weighing down the hair. Then apply more as needed. Great moisturizer for the whole family, especially for moms to help nourish and smooth stretched skin. The oil is highly concentrated and will last you a while.


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